Rosie, This has been going on a really long time. "What I also experience a lot is a lack of credit. I feel women often share things, ideas, and experiences. And then men often build upon them without giving due credit." It doesn't make it right. It just makes it hundreds of years in the culture. After a few decades I learned to stop taking it personally, excel at what you do best, and end up with all of those men reporting to me for their professional and economic future. They really are clueless that culture taught them to discount and dismiss women. And too many others went along with that notion.

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Yes, I agree. I'm getting better at paying less attention to it, it still hurts though, and occassionally (like in this post) I'll remind people that it's still a problem that we can all become more aware of.

I like what you say, focus on excelling, leading, and getting people to report to me/us.

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